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UK hotel, flight, restaurant in cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, can be found here with reviews and price comparison. Read our members travel reviews on UK weather, travel insurance, shopping, car rental and book UK holidays with an online travel agent.

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London Hotels (787)
London Attractions (465)
London Restaurants (515)
London Experience (44)
London Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (212)
Edinburgh Hotels (190)
Edinburgh Attractions (105)
Edinburgh Restaurants (119)
Edinburgh Experience (5)
Edinburgh Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (47)
Blackpool Hotels (94)
Blackpool Attractions (35)
Blackpool Restaurants (21)
Blackpool Experience (4)
Blackpool Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (1)
Brighton Hotels (53)
Brighton Attractions (33)
Brighton Restaurants (41)
Brighton Experience (2)
Brighton Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (19)
Manchester Hotels (138)
Manchester Attractions (106)
Manchester Restaurants (155)
Manchester Experience (6)
Manchester Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (97)
Cardiff Hotels (54)
Cardiff Attractions (35)
Cardiff Restaurants (25)
Cardiff Experience (3)
Cardiff Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (38)
Lake District
Lake District Hotels (94)
Lake District Attractions (63)
Lake District Restaurants (4)
Lake District Experience (7)
Lake District Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (2)
York Hotels (80)
York Attractions (41)
York Restaurants (23)
York Experience (4)
York Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (9)
Bath Hotels (42)
Bath Attractions (13)
Bath Restaurants (21)
Bath Experience (3)
Bath Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (4)
Liverpool Hotels (66)
Liverpool Attractions (67)
Liverpool Restaurants (64)
Liverpool Experience (4)
Liverpool Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (46)
Birmingham Hotels (87)
Birmingham Attractions (72)
Birmingham Restaurants (140)
Birmingham Experience (7)
Birmingham Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (47)
Glasgow Hotels (103)
Glasgow Attractions (70)
Glasgow Restaurants (112)
Glasgow Experience (6)
Glasgow Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (58)
Newcastle Hotels (34)
Newcastle Attractions (53)
Newcastle Restaurants (104)
Newcastle Experience (4)
Newcastle Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (40)
Cornwall Hotels (47)
Cornwall Attractions (54)
Cornwall Restaurants (19)
Cornwall Experience (10)
Cornwall Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (9)
Leeds Hotels (61)
Leeds Attractions (38)
Leeds Restaurants (85)
Leeds Experience (4)
Leeds Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (70)
Bristol Hotels (59)
Bristol Attractions (23)
Bristol Restaurants (47)
Bristol Experience (5)
Bristol Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (6)
Cambridge Hotels (45)
Cambridge Attractions (32)
Cambridge Restaurants (38)
Cambridge Experience (4)
Cambridge Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (16)
Oxford Hotels (48)
Oxford Attractions (27)
Oxford Restaurants (34)
Oxford Experience (4)
Oxford Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (24)
Nottingham Hotels (38)
Nottingham Attractions (37)
Nottingham Restaurants (50)
Nottingham Experience (5)
Nottingham Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (29)
Belfast Hotels (42)
Belfast Attractions (19)
Belfast Restaurants (30)
Belfast Experience (4)
Belfast Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (10)
Devon Hotels (129)
Devon Attractions (65)
Devon Restaurants (11)
Devon Experience (10)
Devon Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (55)
Inverness Hotels (34)
Inverness Attractions (15)
Inverness Restaurants (7)
Inverness Experience (5)
Inverness Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (1)
Aberdeen Hotels (41)
Aberdeen Attractions (8)
Aberdeen Restaurants (10)
Aberdeen Experience (4)
Aberdeen Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
Cotswolds Hotels (30)
Cotswolds Attractions (15)
Cotswolds Restaurants (4)
Cotswolds Experience (1)
Cotswolds Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (0)
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United Kingdom Hotels (3473)
United Kingdom Attractions (1799)
United Kingdom Restaurants (1028)
United Kingdom Experience (724)
United Kingdom Pubs, Bars & Nightlife (1058)
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Most Recent Reviews of United Kingdom »

An average hotel run by youths

20.12.2014 (21.12.2014) Review of Bowburn Hall Hotel, Durham

"== Bowburn Hall Hotel, Nr. Durham == When you are younger you can do what you want, go where you want to and choose when to go and do things. Then, you decide it would be a good idea to have some little baby children. You do expect that this frivolous l ..."

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Busy, harsh but very efficient

19.12.2014 Review of Getting around in London by tube

"The London underground is sometimes difficult to maneuver but often very fast. If you need somewhere to go almost immediately, the London underground will help you get there in no time. The routes are mapped out efficiently and you can map out your entire ..."

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Smash is not potato

18.12.2014 (19.12.2014) Review of Lockards Farm, Dumfries

"Southern Scotland is a very rural place. It may be one of the largest counties in the UK, but only a handful of people live here and should there be a bovine/sheep uprising, the people would lose. To combat this potential 'Meat War', Dumfries and Gallow ..."

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Doing the Youth Hostel thing at Coniston Coppermines

15.12.2014 Review of YHA Coniston Coppermines, Coniston

"What to do for a big birthday in December with 25 close friends with mixed incomes; to be inclusive so everyone can go, why not book out an entire Youth Hostel Association pad for the weekend? Thatís why we found ourselves sampling the communal living thi ..."

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